Adsense is all about selecting a niche

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Adsense is all about selecting a niche. Actually I mean to say that to start with you may start to write anything that is general or you may start writing content with a niche.
Q)You may be thinking why I am emphasizing on choosing niche content? The answer is here. read it carefully.
Ans. The answer is simple. Actually adsense earning is all about attracting a whole lots of visitors to your webpage and thereby increasing the potential to click on adsense advertisements and earn commission money from adsense. But grabbing attention of visitors is not so easy. It need a little knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and a little paitence. I will also discuss about SEO in my coming posts for how to achieve the top position in search engines.

The advantage of choosing a niche is that your area of focussing would be better on the niche and your knowledge about it would goes on increasing and this would reflect as an expertise in your writings. Thus a writing with expertise would automatically create a unique content much preferable by google. Thus google will help your webpage promotion by bringing your content page in front of maximum keyword search related to your topic on the page. Thus by following this simple strategy, you by yourself has fulfilled the criteria of SEO without which your page can never come in front of max. online traffic. This will drive the maximum traffic to your webpage and the possibilities of clicking on the google ads by the visitors of your webpage gets increased hence increasing chances to make your upcoming cheque with a handsome to whole lots of zeeeeerroooooossssssssssss. So, hope this will full fill your purpose of blogging or website creation to earn from adsense.

The niche is very important secret associated with adsense and those who know about it right from the begining does not take much longer to achieve their adsense amount goal.
The fact being that there is a constant increasing of internet business and competitiveness for getting at the top of popular search engines has make it such a place where you should have to find a niche that would full fill your goal target.

But be careful about selecting a niche bacause if you are trying to select the one with huge popularity since long then you are inviting nothing but a very hard target to setup which you would possibily not going to achieve in couple of months but it may take years. The reason is that by selecting a very popular niche suppose you have selected you keep your blog concentrated on cricket, then you are entering in a tough competition as throughout the years there are many publishers who have spent years to make their webpage strong enough by adopting various legal SEO techniques to make their pages stand at the top of various popular search engines to drive the maximun traffic towards their page. So, just as a beginer you have to do a lot to attain such a position for your webpage to drive traffic and without traffic you are not going to win any match over web.

So, here are some tips for selecting niche -
  • Search for any popular website directory in google like dmoz.
  • check out the categories there, you will find the parent categories and their sub categories as well.
  • Check out any of the topics from them but have comparitively less listing. The less the listing means the competition for that subject is comparatively less. You can start with any of such topic that you enjoy about.
  • Alternatively you can opt for the topics at sub category in these directories. At this level the competition is little less as the webpages on such topics are less available and people are constantly searching for such topics. So, you can have the chances of good traffic depending upon your quality of writing.

This is the very basic thing to start with for adsense earning. In my coming blogs I will discuss lots more. Don't forget to visit some important tips and techniques in my previous blogs. If you like this post, please share it with others.


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